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The world’s first underwater robot powered by fishtail swing has a endurance of up to two hours. It has a built-in anti shake pan tilt, which can rotate 360 degrees, making the picture more perfect.

-The design of this cute BIKI is modelled by the boxfish in coral reef area. Controlled by a fish tail made from natural rubber, BIKI has lower power consumption and will achieve longer battery life.

-Double control mode, more fun. Mobile app, underwater acoustic remote control dual mode control, water and underwater can play! Get rid of the single control mode, just want to give you the best experience.

-Infrared obstacle avoidance, more professional. 30 cm internal obstacles were checked to avoid obstacles in water in advance. Biki will always think ahead of you.

-GPS return, safer. The perfect solution for accidental loss of contact, built-in GPS module, automatic return after loss of contact, give you a different sense of security.

-High definition camera, clearer. 16 megapixel camera, 4K HD video. Biki can help you realize the high definition picture you want.

-The rubber tail moves like a fish and pushes the drone forward. Such an electric motor is different from the blade because it does not twist with high speed, which means safe for use near children. Speed of swimming-1,1 m/s.

-Become part of the world of underwater inhabitants. The drone’s tail is almost silent. The noise level of 55 dB is comparable to a quiet conversation between people. Blade Motors buzzing like screwdrivers. Biki does not frighten fish, which will allow the drone to be directed to the thick of events.


Product specification: 272 * 181 * 110mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Battery: 3180mah
Charging time: 100 minutes
Using time: 90-120min
Control method:  app, acoustic remote control
Maximum diving depth: < 60m
Maximum movement speed: 0.5 m/S
Image acquisition: camera 16 million pixels, recording 4K video

Package Included:

1x Wiping cloth

1x Weight balancing block


1x Caudal fin

1x Acoustic remote controller

1x Manual

1x Warranty card

1x Charger

1x Cable

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